A Hijabi’s Prayer

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2 min readFeb 2, 2022

Ya Allah, Alhamdulillah

I am thankful for your guidance towards the hijab,

And I am thankful that I can feel thankful.

Ya Allah, Astaghfirula.

I seek forgiveness for the times, the hours, the minutes, the seconds I was not wearing it.

I seek forgiveness for the times I have thought I deserved praise for wearing it.

Forgetting that you Alone had the power to guide me.

I seek forgiveness if I ever boasted or exposed my hijab to showcase physical beauty

I seek forgiveness for judging those you have not yet guided

I seek forgiveness about seeking forgiveness

for I should also accept that it was your decree that I would make the mistake of not wearing it.

Ya Allah, here I am asking YOU, indeed the best giver,

Asking that my veil becomes and remains my identity for the rest of my life.

Asking that I become more attached to my hijab than to any other piece of clothing in this Dunya.

Asking that you never allow me to have a single negative thought towards it ever again.

Asking that you guide more sisters and make it easy for them to choose deen over dunya.

Asking that you forgive us all our sins

And help us all be better at practicing by the day.

Allahuma Amin.



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